11 Tricks To Reduce Waist Fat Easily

Waist fat, also commonly referred to as belly fat, is perhaps one of the most troublesome aspects a dieter must face. This is because most people, regardless of their gender, tend to carry excess pounds around their belly. Fortunately, there are proven ways to reduce waist fat and enjoy better health, as well as a more attractive body. The following are 11 tricks to reduce waist fat for those who want to get a smaller waist:

#1: The Role of Water

woman drinking waterDrinking the appropriate amount of water should not be overlooked by those who want to lose weight from waist. Water weight gain is often the cause of a bloated belly. However, contrary to what many individuals may think, drinking water sparingly will not correct this problem. Rather, consuming adequate amounts of water ensures that retention will not occur. In addition, appropriate amounts of water are necessary in order for your body to efficiently metabolize fat.

#2: Posture

postureStomach muscles often become weak, causing even those who are not excessively overweight to have a sagging, pudgy belly. Pulling the navel into the spine when exercising, sitting, walking, or driving will make an almost instant difference in the person’s appearance and help him or her to reduce waist fat.

In order to effectively change one’s posture, it is important for the person to consciously refrain from allowing his or her belly to simply hang out. Rather, such individuals should imagine pulling their navel toward their back. This motion activates all the circular abdominal muscles that support and balance the torso and spine. It is one of the fastest ways to improve your appearance while following other tips to reduce waist fat and get a trim stomach.

#3: Getting Adequate Sleep

restful sleepAs you would suspect, exercise is essential with regard to the shedding of excess pounds and to lose weight from waist. However, few people realize that getting the appropriate amount of rest is equally as important. When a person does not obtain sufficient sleep, his or her body will produce cortisol. The latter is often referred to as the “fat hormone,” and this is an appropriate term: excess cortisol in your body encourages the storing of waist fat. For this reason, adults should strive to get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

#4: Quitting Smoking

quit smokingMany people are erroneously under the impression that smokers will automatically remain thin. However, it has now been clinically proven that those who smoke tend to store higher amounts of visceral fat deep in the abdominal region than their non-smoking counterparts. This is because nicotine is now known for preventing the body to burn waist fat. Although some smokers may not be excessively overweight, most of their extra pounds are often carried in their stomach.

#5: Strength Training and Aerobic Exercise

lady exercisingIn order to reduce waist fat, it is necessary to participate in both aerobic exercise and strength training. The benefits of the former are obvious, as the more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose. However, it is equally as important to build up the core stomach muscles, as this will go a long way towards toning and tightening the stomach. Additionally, it is important to know that muscles burn way more calories than fat. Muscles will typically burn 30-50 calories per day compared to fat which burns only 3 calories per day. Therefore strength training should not be overlooked by those who wish to trim stomach fat.

#6: Healthy Breathing Patterns

healthy breathing patternsBreathing from the thymus will also help individuals get a smaller waist fast. The thymus is located in the middle of your chest, and is the energy center for the human cardiovascular system. You should imagine this area while slowly breathing in and raising your shoulders. As you exhale, the shoulders should be slowly dropped. This motion lifts the lower abdominal muscles and activates the inner core of your belly, shaping the waist and toning the oblique muscles that prevent the belly from bulging outward.

#7: Eliminating Gluten

brown breadTo burn waist fat effectively, you should consider giving your body a break from gluten. Some of the most difficult foods for the human digestive system to break down are those that feature a gluten-base. Removing such fare from your diet offers results that are virtually instant in your effort to get rid of waist fat. This is because a visible change is often seen in as little as five to seven days when foods containing wheat, white flour, and rye are eliminated from your diet.

#8: Limiting Caffeine

cup of coffeeOne or two cups of coffee each day will not harm most people who are otherwise healthy. However, the excessive consumption of caffeine-containing drinks has been proven to deplete the body of a mineral called DHEA, which plays a vital role in controlling weight gain in the waist area. To reduce waist fat, you may wish to consider drinking green or white teas, which are both healthy and calorie free.

#9: The Effects of Alcohol

glasses of wineIf you want to get rid of waist fat, you should make every effort to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are not only high in sugar and calories, they also encourage the body to store waist fat. This is because they activate the production of several hormones that prevent visceral fat from breaking down in a healthy way. To reduce waist fat caused by alcohol consumption, limit yourself to two to three alcoholic drinks per week.

#10: Stress and Waist Fat

woman in lotus yoga positionThe aforementioned cortisol is also activated by stress. Those who lead hectic, busy lives and are subsequently often anxious, may find they are carrying excess pounds around their stomach. This is because stress causes the human body to produce cortisol in high amounts which results in excess waist fat. Therefore, one easy way to reduce waist fat quickly without actually doing anything physical or to your diet is to decrease your stress levels. There are several ways to reduce stress such as meditating, taking yoga classes or simply making time to relax a priority.

#11: Laughter

woman laughingMost people have heard of laughter referred to as a medicine. Interestingly, science has now proven that laughter not only burns calories, but encourages muscle building deep within the abdominal walls, thus helping to reduce waist fat. This is perhaps one of the easiest tips to follow as all you have to do to set this benefit in motion is listen to an entertaining comedian or watch a funny movie that you know will result in a good “belly laugh”.

In conclusion, the human body stores fat in the stomach for a variety of reasons. These include unhealthy eating habits, heredity, or lack of exercise. Unfortunately, visceral fat stored in your belly can result in a variety of health problems, some of which may eventually become life-threatening. For this reason, following the aforementioned tips to reduce waist fat is a worthwhile endeavor for essentially anyone.

Apr 14, 2016 Patrick Rodriguez