How To Keep Motivated To Lose Weight – 5 More Top Weight Loss Motivation Tips

One of the hardest parts about losing weight is to keep motivated until you reach your target goal. If you haven’t already read our first article on weight loss motivation tips, make sure you do so. Meanwhile, here are five more top motivation tips for your weight loss success…

Remember why you wanted to lose weight in the first place

What was your inspiration?

• Was it for health reasons such as to help prevent serious illnesses like diabetes and stroke?

• Was it to find love?

• Was it to be able to wear nicer clothes?

Whatever your reason, the bigger your ‘why’, the greater the chance you will be motivated to stay on your weight loss journey to the end.

Keep old photographs of yourself

It is a good idea to remind yourself how you looked before you started to lose weight and how far you have come.

Stick these photos in places where you can see them such as on your refrigerator door, food cupboard or mirror to keep your motivation going.

Another idea is to hang up a gorgeous item of clothing in the size you want to be at the end of your weight loss, as a daily visual motivator to keep you on the slim track.

Surround yourself with positive-minded people

Positive-minded people will support you every step of the way to your weight loss goal. They will pick you up when you are feeling low and encourage you not to give up when you feel like quitting.

Avoid negative people where possible. Sometimes though, these negative people can be your own family members and/or friends who sabotage your attempts to lose weight.

This is because not everyone is comfortable with change. People may subconsciously prefer you to remain overweight because that’s how they like to see you since that image of you is what is familiar and comfortable to them.

Spend as little time as you can with those who are not supportive of your efforts.

Hire a personal trainer

If you are in a position to, it is worth spending the money on hiring a personal trainer. He/she will be able to keep you focused and make

sure you stay the course. Personal trainers wear many hats – they are not only a coach but a good role model, educator, and a major source of motivation as well.

If you are not able to hire a personal trainer, join a gym and take part in workout classes taught by personal trainers. Having a gym buddy or weight loss buddy will further ensure you both remain motivated on your weight loss journey.

Do not weigh yourself every day

Some people get into the habit of weighing themselves too often. Stop weighing yourself daily (or even multiple times a day) if you want to lose weight. Doing so will only serve to de-motivate you, rather than do the opposite.

Seeing those normal, temporary fluctuations in weight that have nothing to do with body fat or body mass will only freak you out and have you reaching for that double cheeseburger and fries.

Instead, it is far better you step on the scales only once a week, or even once every two weeks in order to measure your progress.


Keep motivated to lose weight by regularly feeding your motivation to do so such as through reading inspirational books or watching inspirational videos.

Look at photos of people whose bodies you admire and want to model yours on. Also, look at Before & After photos of people who have successfully lost weight. There are thousands of such pictures on the internet and YouTube is an easy place to get started.

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Apr 25, 2016 Alex Watson